How To Overcome Fear

How to make the best of bad times Performance coach Anthony Robbins on how to thrive in these tough times.

The financial challenges of today are hitting almost everyone. With real estate values in free fall, losses in career and job opportunities for people at all levels of education; and debt at all-time highs, the dour news is relentless and the concerns are very real. When it comes down to it, though, we can either give into our fears, duck for cover and hope for the best, or we can face these challenges head on, giving ourselves a chance to not only survive these hard times, but turn what seems like a futile situation into opportunities for growth and success.

In order to thrive not just survive in this environment, you can’t just think positively to overcome your fear. You’ve got to see things as they are. Our economy and our world are going through a transition. How do we protect ourselves or even flourish in this economy?

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