Natural Hair Regrowth Treatments Have Come A Long Way!

For men who are losing their hair, it is no laughing matter. For some, it starts in their late teens and by age 50, about half of all men will be losing their hair. In 95 percent of the cases, classic male pattern baldness is to blame.

College student Ryan Mongon, 21, tries to laugh off the jokes about his receding hairline and hides under a baseball cap whenever he appears in public. But unlike many men, he decided to do something about it.

Enter Dr. Kenneth Washenik, M.D., PhD, a professor at New York University who specializes in hair loss and its causes.

In this podcast, Ryan tells his story and Dr. Washenik explains why Ryan is losing his hair and points out that natural hair regrowth treatments have come a long way.

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Provillus stops hair loss. It also helps to regrow some lost hair. The reason is because Provillus uses only 100% natural DHT inhibitors, nutrients, and follicle stimulators for lasting hair regrowth with no side-effects.

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2 thoughts on “Natural Hair Regrowth Treatments Have Come A Long Way!

  1. I am now into my second month using provillus, and my hair seems to be growing back. This is amazing i was very sceptical but Provillus seems to work even though I’m in my forties. I will check in again after six months.

    Thanks for this post´s about hair regrowth treatment Thordur,

    You are making a differnce to bald guys like me:-)


  2. Tom Dreyfuss on said:

    Thanks for providing great information about this natural hair loss treatment product, I will try it out. I have been browsing through your site and I really like that this site only recommends natural cures and remedies, you obviously really take your time to find what really works from the natural medicine world.

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