Best Hair loss Treatment on The Market Today!

Best Hair loss Treatment

Losing your hair is something that just happens to some people. There are some that have genetic hair loss, and others that lose it as they age. Perhaps you have even heard of losing your hair due to stress or other major things going on in your life. The best hair loss treatment on the market today is said to be Provillus. I wanted to share with you this:

Provillus review

And the testimonial that Steve from Dallas had to say about his experience with Provillus. Continue reading

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New Genetic Links to male pattern baldness have been discovered!

 Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern BaldnessI stumpled upon an very intresting article this SUNDAY, Oct. 12 HealthDay News that New genetic links to male pattern baldness have been discovered by researchers in England and Germany.

It’s the second genetic connection to the kind of hair loss that many men — and women — experience as they grow older, said Felix F. Brockschmidt, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Bonn and one of the authors of a report published online Oct. 12 in the journal Nature Genetics.
“The first gene known until now is on the X chromosome,” Brockschmidt said. “It is the most important for alopecia hair loss. We are sure that this new locus we found is the second most important.”The discovery could open the way for genetic tests to single out men most likely to lose hair as they age, Brockschmidt said. “Screening for the X chromosome locus and also for this new one can possibly show the risk of male pattern baldness,” he said. Continue reading

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